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Look good on the photo
Smart Mirror
Our app will help our user to control facial expressions and turn out beautifully in the photo
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We have crafted technology that will help users gain complete control over their public-facing appearance. Whether you need to look great for photos or give off a confident smile in important virtual meetings, SmartMirror (TM) will give you the boost you need to control your looks and even your facial expressions.

Mirror at your Fingertips

We have combined state-of-the-art Deep Learning technology and classical algorithms through Computer Vision, and implemented them via flawless, compromise-free engineering to create the best app possible.

Hardware-tailored optimizations in our code
guarantee smooth real-time processes on all modern smartphones.
We believe in explainable AI
and have put a lot of effort into making our model speak your language.
We're old pros at working with handcrafted datasets
and have built them from the ground up to be reflective of every possible real-life scenario.